Try Raven Electronic Cigarette – $4.95 Raven E Cig Risk Free Trial







Are you looking for a Raven Electronic cig risk free starter kit?

Well, look no further – it's a great starter kit whether you want to quit smoking, improve your health, beat the smoking ban or cut costs.

I did some research and several people have already tried Raven e-cigarettes:

"I have been a smoker for 9 years, and smoke a pack a day. While smoking the Raven Electronic Cigarette, I found that I smoked much less throughout the day. It was simple to put together and easy to use. I love it!" – Jamie Zickefoose

I started smoking the Raven eCig a few months ago. Since then, my regular habit has gone way down, and I barely find myself craving real tobacco anymore. My hometown has recently passed a smoking ban inside restaurants and bars – but if I get the feeling I want a cigarette [while out], I can use the Raven eCig with no questions asked. – Shaun Groomes


Try Raven Electronic Cigarette Yourself!





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December 31, 2011

susan @ 2:48 am #

I received the the free kit yesterday. I do like these electronic cigarettes.

Thank you, Susan

January 2, 2012

ruth kalinowski @ 8:25 pm #

when i ordered the ravenecig i missed a letter on my e-mail address it is
thanks ruth kalinowski

January 6, 2012

Gary L. Carter @ 3:13 am #

Raven Electronic Cigarette
– Reviewed by Gary L. Carter on

I love the Raven e cigarette you recommended.

Cut down my smoking a lot!

Rating: 5

February 7, 2012

Barbara Thompson @ 4:10 pm #

When I ordered my free trial I missed a letter in my email, please correct. It should be

February 17, 2012

CHRISTY HARRIS @ 8:41 am #

I need to know how long it takes to get it. Ordered it. Have my code number but have not received the product yet.

April 13, 2012

Thomas Ray @ 5:55 pm #

I received my starter kit a while back and it has helped me to cut back on the real cigarettes.

My question or comment is – where and how can i purchase the refills?

Thank you!


April 14, 2012

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