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Are you looking for a Raven Electronic cig risk free starter kit?

Well, look no further – it's a great starter kit whether you want to quit smoking, improve your health, beat the smoking ban or cut costs.

I did some research and several people have already tried Raven e-cigarettes:

"I have been a smoker for 9 years, and smoke a pack a day. While smoking the Raven Electronic Cigarette, I found that I smoked much less throughout the day. It was simple to put together and easy to use. I love it!" – Jamie Zickefoose

I started smoking the Raven eCig a few months ago. Since then, my regular habit has gone way down, and I barely find myself craving real tobacco anymore. My hometown has recently passed a smoking ban inside restaurants and bars – but if I get the feeling I want a cigarette [while out], I can use the Raven eCig with no questions asked. – Shaun Groomes


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Safe Cig CEO John Cameron (brother to James Cameron of Avatar fame) speaks to Fox News about the letter to WHO, the safety concerns of e-cigs and where the industry is going.

Great material, watch it now!


The Safe Cig Writes a Full-Page N.Y. Times Letter
to the World Health Organization to Raise Awareness


Sign The Safe Cig Petition
Help Put an End to Tobacco Related Illnesses

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According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan has been recently seen smoking an electronic cigarette brand BluCig.com

Now that's what I call a "Total Rehab"! No drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco smoking…

BluCig.com has been around for quite a while so they probably know what a good e cigarette should taste and look like…even catering to celebrities :)

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On one side there's a woman who swears that she was a smoker for 20 years and was able to quit smoking only thanks to the electronic cigarettes.

On other side there are officials who are afraid of  "unknown risks".

If you fire up a battery-powered cigarette in public, are you harming yourself and others?

Or are you exercising your right to use an alternative to incendiary tobacco that might help you kick a nasty and dangerous habit?

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department officials are considering a ban on electronic cigarettes in public places, and those questions are certain to be heatedly discussed in the next few weeks.

Proposed regulations unveiled Wednesday would prohibit e-smoking – or “vaping,” as users call it – anywhere the use of real cigarettes and cigars already is prohibited by state law.

That would include restaurants, bars and other public places.

The proposals also would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

Those rules already apply in King County, where a ban in public places took effect Jan. 15.


Tacoma-Pierce County Director of Health Dr. Anthony Chen says the proposed regulations are part of the agency’s mission “to safeguard and enhance the health of residents.”

He has concerns about the nicotine and other chemicals the e-cigarettes deliver and says “they’re targeted at young people who don’t want to smoke cigarettes but want to be able to blow smoke rings.”

Health officials also say they’re concerned about the possibility of second-hand vapor effects.

“Nicotine is a nerve poison,” Chen said.

E-cigarette retailer Kim Thompson argues vaping is a harmless way to step down from smoking and that the chemicals contained in the e-juice are found in common products and foods.

“I smoked for 20-plus years, and I tried everything but Chantix,” she said. When she found an e-cigarette that helped her quit, she took the money she saved from buying tobacco products and used it to help open The Vaporium in Lakewood.

“I think the all-out banning of this product in places where adults frequent is invasive, unjust and very Big Brother,” the 41-year-old Thompson said.

Read more: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2011/05/05/1653162/apply-cigarette-ban-to-vaping.html


I think the officials should first ban regular cigarettes and THEN debate on how harmful the e-cigarettes are.

Does 1000 times less carcinogens tell them something? Obviously not…

What's your view on this debate?

On who's side are you?

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This is big news and good news for all ecig smokers.

The FDA has decided to oversee electronic cigarettes the same way it does tobacco products. The agency will not regulate the vapor-producing devices under the stricter federal rules that apply to medical products.

The FDA says it decided not to appeal a federal appeals court ruling asserting that e-cigarettes could be regulated as tobacco products and “are not drugs or devices” (unless specifically marketed for therapeutic purposes, such as purporting to help people quit smoking).

Source: WebMD Health News


I'm really glad that FDA did not succeed in destroying the ecig industry and taking away a healthier alternative  to tobacco smoking.  They tried hard but failed ;)

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