Electric Cigarette Is A Great Invention


The electric cigarette is designed to give you the same experience and pleasure of smoking a regular cigarette without being exposed to the dangerous carcinogens and tar that are found in tobacco. A smoke-like vapor or mist is created by the atomizer contained inside the e-cig, and the mist may contain nicotine and flavorings to satisfy your cravings for tobacco.

It only takes a few seconds for the mist to dissipate which keeps the air fresh. There is no such thing as second hand smoke because there is no first hand smoke. There is no danger of exposing family and friends to second hand smoke when using an electric cigarette. 

An electric cigarette works with a rechargeable battery that activates a heating element to vaporize a liquid substance into a mist. As the user smokes or puffs on the device, the mist is drawn from the cartridge or mouthpiece to simulate the smoke from a real tobacco cigarette. The cartridge is the only part that needs to be replaced regularly.

Replacement cartridges may come with or without nicotine, and they may also come in flavors such as chocolate, cherry, strawberry and vanilla. You can also choose how much nicotine you want. For example, you can purchase High (16 mg), Medium (11 mg), or Low (6 mg) levels of nicotine in the cartridge. 

Many companies claim that each cartridge provides between 200 and 300 puffs. Most people purchase an electric cigarette starter kit that comes with two lithium ion rechargeable batteries, a wall charger adapter, a USB charger and five replacement cartridges.

The replacement cartridges are disposable and interchangeable. The e-cigs produce no foul odors that permeate your clothing, hair and surroundings like regular cigarette smoke does. There is also no fire, burning, ash, overflowing ashtrays or errant embers that burn little holes in your shirt and trousers. 

A major motion picture, The Tourist (2010) features Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie as the stars. Interestingly an electric cigarette had a major part in the film. Depp’s character is seen with the e-cigarette in several scenes, and a part of his dialogue explains about the e-cig. This may not be a bona fide celebrity endorsement, but it is the next best thing. A Hollywood movie is a good way to get the e-cig into the public eye. 

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