If you are a smoker who would like to quit but just have not had good results, you can take advantage of the e-cigarette that is on the market today to either help you quit smoking or at least make it healthier for you to smoke. This cigarette will make it healthier for those that you smoke around as well. The main reason that it will help your health is due to the fact that it does not contain all the harmful substances that regular cigarettes contain.

The e-cigarette is also referred to as the disposable or vaporize cigarette. The smoke that emits from this cigarette is actually water vapor that is produced when in operation. The water vapor allows the cigarette to be used in any setting instead of having to comply with a "no smoking" ban that you find in most physical locations today. There are several flavors that you can choose from with this cigarette such as menthol, regular, and lights. You can choose from different strengths of nicotine, or you can choose to not have nicotine at all.

Regular cigarettes include many different poisons and very harmful chemicals in order to make the cigarettes perform properly. With the e-cigarette, since it is electronic, there is no need for these harmful chemicals. There are many consumers who have posted reviews about these cigarettes stating that they have helped them in their quit smoking goal. The consumers who wish to keep smoking have stated that this cigarette allows them to keep the habit that they don't mind having but allows them to be healthy at the same time.

When you purchase the e-cigarette, it really is a win, win situation for everyone. The smoker does not have to worry about harming their health as well as those around them. They also will save a lot of money on these cigarettes. There is a slightly high initial cost when you buy your first kit, but once you start purchasing the refills for the cigarettes, you will find that it will cost you a lot less to smoke these types of cigarettes than when purchasing the regular cigarettes. These cigarettes are the wave of the here and now.

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