Electronic Cigarette Reverses Diabetes For An Arizona Man In 2.5 Months


A great story of an Arizona man who used an electronic cigarette to reverse his diabetes from A1C to pre-diabetic level, illustrating the variety of e cigarette health benefits.

I'm smoke free for 2.5 months now. A few weeks ago I fasted for 12 hours or more and then gave about 6 tubes of blood to be screened for my bi-annual doctors visit/blood screening. I have not informed my new doctor that I am vaping, only that I quit smoking.

I returned a week later to meet and review the results, the following is what my results were:

I wasn't diabeteic anymore! I had dropped my A1C to a pre-diabetic level. I had been controlling my diabetes with diet, not drugs, but until the point I quit smoking and started vaping, was unable to get my A1C to the level I achieved.

I've been busy doing work around the house and all, but I don't walk 5 miles a day or any regular exercise program. He mentioned that one number/figure indicated I needed to drink more water.

I assumed this was from vaping so much lately which I've read on this forum by others that vaping dehydrates you. So I try and drink 64 oz of water a day now. It's already flushing me and giving me a better taste when I vape. No more sore vape throat either.

I was also a bit concerned about high nicotine levels showing up in my screen tests. Nothing. I was absolutely normal.

My kidneys were perfect, my pancrease has reversed and is starting to create good insulin again, my heart and blood pressure perfect. My cholesterol good and bad was at normal levels. He gave me an A+ on the lab work and my overall health.

I was estatic. Prior to vaping, I felt I was days away from a heart attack, stroke or dying. Every day I felt this way. Since quitting smoking I have been vaping my ass off. 24/7.

Had a couple sore throat bouts from not drinking enough water, etc. but all in all, these devices to me, have helped me reverse my diabetes to a point where I am not diabetic anymore and furthermore, saved my life.

Again, I eat no sugar, no white flour products, lots of green vegetables type of diet, and I still get to eat good tasty food like Steaks, chicken, burgers, and from time to time a little pizza, hot wings etc. nothing drastic but still, I know my body, and my body is liking the vaping opposed to smoking like there's no tomorrow. (more)


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