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These days, it seems as if every bar and restaurant is going smoke-free. This is of course in response to the documented health hazards of second hand smoke, and is by no means a bad thing. But it does pose some difficulties to those who enjoy smoking, but are finding fewer and fewer places where they can do so in public. Gamucci has the answer to those difficulties though – and that answer is electronic cigarettes.

Also called e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes, these devices are designed to look and taste just like traditional cigarettes, without posing any health risks to bystanders. Cartridges in the tips of e-cigarettes hold a flavored liquid that when heated, vaporizes so that the user can inhale it, just like the smoke from a traditional cigarette.

Although e-cigarettes have many benefits, probably the biggest benefit is that they allow smokers to have the experience of smoking anywhere they might be. The taste, feel and look are all the same, down to the vaporized "smoke" that is emitted from the cigarette body. But unlike traditional cigarettes, this "smoke" is nothing more than vaporized steam, which evaporates in seconds.

But an authentic smoking experience isn't the only benefit that Gamucci e-cigarettes offer. E-cigarettes also have the added benefit of being cheaper to use than traditional cigarettes. A Gamucci cigarette 5 cartridge pack costs £6.99 ($11.12), while a traditional pack of cigarettes costs £3.00 ($5.00) on average. Let's break down how that compares. 

Each Gamucci cigarette 5 cartridge pack lasts the equivalent of 100 traditional cigarettes, at only £6.99. With traditional cigarettes, you would have to buy five packs to get 100 cigarettes, at an average cost of £62.00 ($100). That's a big price difference no matter where you live! Plus, you can buy a Gamucci cigarette 5 cartridge pack in four different strengths – zero nicotine, ultra light, light and regular.

And if you are a flavored cigarette type of person, you can buy regular strength and zero nicotine Gamucci cigarette 5 cartridge packs in six different flavors – apple, cherry, coffee, peach, menthol and Turkish delight.

So no matter if you are a smoker who wants to enjoy cigarettes in public, or a smoker who is interested in replacing traditional smoking with a nicotine free alternative, Gamucci might be just what you are looking for.

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