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For many, smoking is much more than just a hit of nicotine. It is a tactile, physical and emotional experience as well, one that plays into the reward systems of the brain. But many smokers are unwilling to make non-smokers around them uncomfortable, no matter how much they enjoy a good cigarette.

Fortunately for those who want to assure the comfort of those around them, but don't want to lose the enjoyable, daily experience of smoking, there are Gamucci retailers out there.

 What is Gamucci? Gamucci is one of the leading retailers of electronic cigarettes. Never heard of electronic, or e-cigarettes? Then read on to learn more about a new way to smoke.

Gamucci electronic cigarettes go by a few different names – e-cigarettes, vapor sticks, electronic cigarettes, etc. But no matter the name, the design is the same. First you have the mouthpiece, which contains the cartridge that holds the flavored liquid that makes the whole e-cigarette work.

When you inhale on the mouthpiece, a sensor activates the heating element, located in the body of the e-cigarette. The heating element, commonly called the atomizer, heats the liquid to a vaporized state, allowing two things to happen. The first is that the user is able to inhale the vaporized smoke, which is designed to taste like a traditional cigarette, and deliver the same nicotine hit of a traditional cigarette.

The second thing that happens is that additional vapor mist is expelled into the air from the e-cigarette. It looks like the smoke that comes from a traditional cigarette, but evaporates in just a few seconds.

Thus the smoker gets the physical and tactile experience of smoking, without exposing others who may be nearby to second hand smoke. When the e-cigarette is in use, a light in the tip is also activated, to imitate the look of a lit, traditional cigarette, but without the flame.

You can buy started sets from many Gamucci retailers located in your area, as well as from Gamucci retailers who operate online. You can also buy directly from their website. Replacement cartridges come in six different flavors, and can be purchased at very reasonable prices. With Gamucci, you can have the best of both worlds – you can enjoy the experience of a cigarette, without making those around you uncomfortable or exposing them to second hand smoke.

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