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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review: Benefits and Downsides of GreenSmoke E Cigarette

Green Smoke is among the best-selling e-cigarette brands in the country. The product claims to provide more than what other electronic cigarettes can – fuller flavor and better throat hits to users. It also promises to deliver a healthier smoking alternative when compared to regular cigarettes, which is something that most people would surely like to take advantage of when given the chance.

I decided to check what the buzz is all about and take a closer look at the Green Smoke electronic cigarette. How does it differ from other brands? Let’s evaluate and find out.

What Green Smoke Offers to Users

Green Smoke developers pride themselves in providing “an unmatched smoking experience” to users. The product promises to provide enhanced vapor flavor and higher smoke volume than most electronic cigarettes in the market. Aside from this, the product does not leave behind any smell unlike traditional cigarettes or some electronic cigarette brands.

Green Smoke also diverts from the usual 3-component electronic cigarette by offering a 2-piece product. The company has combined both liquid cartridge and atomizer into a single component called the FlavorMax cartomizer for a less complicated assembly. Each FlavorMax cartomizer is equivalent to about one and a half packs of regular cigarettes, with each lasting longer or shorter based on how frequent the electronic cigarette is being used.

Aside from this, Green Smoke starter kits also have a complete array of accessories and product essentials that users will find quite handy. The Pro Kit starter for example includes one each of the short and long battery, 2 5-pack cartomizers, a USB passthrough, a USB charger, a carrying case, a wall charger, and a car charger. When compared to the V2 Cigs starter kit for example, the Pro Kit starter from Green Smoke has more to offer, seeing that the former only comes with a USB charger and the electronic cigarette.

When it comes to cartomizer flavors, Green Smoke offers a somewhat limited variety. At present, there are only 7 flavors to choose from, with users being able to choose among several nicotine levels to suit their tastes and needs. Available flavors include Absolute Tabacco, Red Label Tabacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, and Smooth Chocolate among others. Smoke thickness and throat hit make up for the lack of flavor choices though, and to date Green Smoke offers one of the highest vapor producing electronic cigarettes in the market.

How It Works

Assembly of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette is easy enough. One need only screw together the battery and cartomizer before use and he or she is good to go – the electronic cigarette is ready for puffing. The built-in atomizer in the cartridge (where you would normally find the filter in a traditional cigarette) heats up the liquid inside, producing thick, flavored vapor that one can inhale with the associated risks to smoking. The vapor is odorless and easily evaporates so users can take a drag on their devices practically anywhere without fear of legal repercussions especially in public places.

Charging the battery is also easy enough. Users need only detach the cartomizer from the battery and connect the battery to the charger. Since Green Smoke offers two types of batteries in their kits, one can simply use the shorter or longer battery while the other is charging. The USB passthrough also provides another means to vape while charging the battery, as this is the same electronic cigarette that Green Smoke offers; the only difference is that it is directly connected to a USB cable for easy vaping even while the battery is attached to a wall outlet or laptop.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Thicker smoke and richer flavors are two of the most obvious advantages that Green Smoke offers to users. These two factors have also given Green Smoke the reputation it has at present – one that offers some of the highest quality electronic cigarettes and accessories in the market to date. Thicker smoke means better throat hits, something that most electronic cigarettes fail to provide because vapor, after all, is just not the same as regular smoke that comes out of a traditional cigarette. Green Smoke’s powerful atomizers inside each cartridge provides consistently thick vapor that in turn provides users with a better vaping experience. Although flavor choices are limited, Green Smoke has managed to come up with cartomizers that are as close in flavor and taste to traditional cigarettes, which is more than can be said about other brands.

In line with this however, users of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes may be disappointed because the company does not sell e-liquid of its own. Any vaper will tell you that refilling your own cartomizers and not having to purchase these will save you more money, but it seems that Green Smoke is trying to prevent that from happening by only offering cartomizer refills instead of e-liquid. Aside from this, the prices of the offered kits are quite high. Those who are looking to try vaping for the first time and are still not sure about their decision are better off choosing one of the cheaper e-cigarette brands in the market.

Pricing and Recommendation

The Pro Kit electronic cigarette starter costs $99.97 while the Ultimate Kit costs $127.97. The Express Kit, which is the basic starter kit, sells for $59.97. Green Smoke also offers disposable 6-pack e-cigs for $59.95 and the Love Birds’ Kit for $169.97. Each purchase is covered by a lifetime warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee is offered to those who want to experience Green Smoke risk-free.

Although some will say that the price of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes leaves something to be desired, the value that one can get from such a quality product is certainly weightier than the price tag. Green Smoke has consistently ranked high among users’ electronic cigarette of choice, and if the product continues to offer the same level of quality then you can expect for it to stay that way for a long time. Whether you’ve been vaping for quite a while or have just been recently introduced to the world of electronic smoking, Green Smoke is one brand that is worth considering.


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