iGO Electronic Cigarette Review: Vaping on a Higher Level



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The iGO electronic cigarette line is a perfect solution for those looking for an excellent vaping experience. It promises to deliver more vapor with each puff through its clearomizer technology while allowing users to enjoy vaping without worrying about fast-draining batteries.



With so many e cigarette brands available in the market, it can be difficult to choose one that really works to provide a vaping experience like no other. This is why it pays to evaluate each product being offered before making a decision. Let’s take a closer look at iGO and see if it’s up to the task.


What iGO Electronic Cigarettes Offer



Two of the most popular electronic cigarettes from iGO are the iGO 3 and the iGO 4. Aside from the design, both have several features that offer vapers convenience and ease of use. The iGO 3 electric cigarette features a high capacity 650mAh Li-ion battery that offers enough power to operate the e-cigarette for a whole day, longer than what most e-cig batteries offer. The iGO 4 on the other hand is powered by a high capacity 750mAh Li-ion battery to provide even more puffs.


The iGO 3 battery comes with indicative LED lights at the bottom, meaning one can determine the amount of power still available by checking the color of the LED light from time to time. The LED light is green to signal that the battery is at its full capacity and will turn yellow once there are only 50 puffs’ of power left on the device. Red on the other hand means that it is ready for charging.


The iGO 4 smokeless cigarette on the other hand has a LED screen in place of the LED lights, and this provides a user with an accurate measurement of the amount of power left on the electronic cigarette before it needs to be recharged. The LED screen also provides users with information on the number of puffs taken from the device, so those who are trying to control their usage can definitely do so with this guide.


If you’ve been vaping for some time you understand how important battery power is on an ecigarette. This is especially true if you are always on the go and don’t want to bring a spare battery or the charger with you whenever you step out. 650mAh and 750mAh worth of power from the iGO electronic cigarette line is certainly more than the amount of power provided by traditional e-cigs, seeing that these only function for about 4-6 hours at a time before needing another charge. Frequent use of an e-cig also causes the batteries to drain faster than normal, and if you’re the type of person who always has to get a drag from your vaporizer or ecig then the iGO line is certainly worth a second look.





More than the batteries, the iGO 3 and the iGO 4 also come with an easy touch charging station that allows one to simply place the ecig onto the charging pad to start refilling the battery’s power. This is quite unlike other electronic cigarette brands because users need not to screw off the battery from the main device just to be able to connect it to a charger. The charging station is similar to a docking port for a cell phone, the only difference being that it has been specially made for the iGO electronic cigarette line.


I have electronic cigarettes and vaporizers that either require the battery to be screwed off before charging or for the battery to be connected to a USB-cable that can be plugged into a power outlet, and I must say that having a charging station where you can actually set the electronic cigarette in an upright position while charging is a plus in my book. This means less chances of the e-liquid leaking out of the cartomizer especially if a drip tip is used with the e-cig.


iGO’s clearomizer technology is also evident in both the iGO 3 and the iGO 4. Although the clearomizer seems like a regular cartomizer where one can place the e-liquid in at first glance, it is actually sturdier and more durable than the traditional cartomizers being sold in the market. iGO’s clearomizer is guaranteed to last months and months even with constant filling and refilling of e-liquid. Users can simply detach the clearomizer from the battery and the drip tip when it is time to change it. iGO’s clearomizers also come in several colors for the 1.6 ml tank.


Lastly, iGO offers some of the best-tasting e juice in the market. Different brands have different types of e liquids for their users, and one needs to try several of them so he or she can decide which one works best depending on taste. What’s good about iGO’s e liquid is that the taste comes really close to the real thing, so if for example you’re trying to quit smoking but would want to experience vapor that is close to the taste of your favorite cigarette brand, you can simply choose from iGO’s selection of e liquid and try out some of them.



Advantages and Disadvantages


One of the main advantages of the iGO electronic cigarette line is that they offer a complete vaping experience to users. There is more vapor with each puff so one does not need to drag as often on the device just to be able to get that fix. This also means less e-liquid to consume so one saves money on purchases as well.


Price is the main downside of the iGO 3 and iGO 4 but you get what you pay for. The cost is actually very reasonable if you consider the amount of money you will save when compared to the amount of money spent on tobacco cigarettes cigarettes.


Pricing and Recommendation


The iGO 3 water vapor cigarette costs $74.95 while the iGO 4 sells for $84.95. Both come in kits that include two batteries and two clearomizers, a charging station, and two 10 ml bottles of e-liquid. Those who wish to purchase can choose among 7 clearomizer colors with their orders. Each kit is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.


The iGO electronic cigarette line is really worth trying out regardless of your vaping experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user of vaporizers and e-cigs, the iGO is one brand that is worth trying.



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Update! iGO electronic cigarettes currently has a 10% off special.

Enter a coupon code "ECIG10" at the checkout page to get 10% off (valid only until the end of the promotion).




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Green Smoke is the way to go!!! Good luck all you Vapers!

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I liked and invited a couple more people to like your Facebook page. how do I receive discount? Also, do I get a discount on your products every time a person excepts my invitation to like your FB page?
I am new to using vapor fluid e-cigarettes. I only have about 3 weeks of experiance smoking them. I have been smoking disposable "Clean cigarette" since August but wasn't satisfied whith those kind. I like the vapor refillable e-cigarette. I'm looking for a quality tobacco taste juice and another start kit if you have them.
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