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Picture this scenario. You just came home from a visit to your doctor, only to be scolded for the increase in your smoking. The doctor has repeatedly warned you of the dangers and diseases that can ensue from this addictive and hasty habit. But even with this knowledge, the addiction is just too strong to give up.

The thought of resorting to prescription pills turns your stomach, because you've heard of the many side effects that often accompany these pills. Are you searching for a better way? If so, then it's time for you to check out the health cigarette, which is an electronic way to smoke cigarettes without inhaling the dangerous fumes.

The health cigarette or electronic cigarette is one of the most popular ways to stop this addictive habit. In many case studies and medical reports, it is said that quitting smoking is the hardest addiction to give up, even harder than giving up alcohol or drugs.

 This makes the electronic cigarette the more popular choice for giving up this obsession once and for all. Just think of the enormous freedom and sense of accomplishment you'll feel when conquering this hurdle.

Remember that smoking the electronic cigarette will give the user the feeling that they are not having to give up smoking altogether. They are just choosing to do it in a healthier way, and one that will not cause undue harm to their bodies or those around them.

The health cigarette is a way that the smoker will not have to feel as though they are having to give up something they enjoy so much. They are just taking a different route in doing it.

So if you know someone who's desperately trying to quit smoking, please let them know about the health cigarette. Tell them about the benefits, and that it will still feel like smoking, just without having to breathe in all the toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

After all our health is our own responsibility, and the electronic cigarette is one sure fire way of improving one's health and well being. On top of that you'll save a boat load of money.

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