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Dear Fellow Smoker,

My name is Jenny Jenkins and I too was a smoker for many years.

I simply could not give it up because I just LOVED smoking.

I loved the feeling of puffing the cigarette. Nothing could replace it.

Yet, every time I smoked, I also felt guilty for inhaling 4000+ chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

I didn’t want to ruin my health but I also couldn’t give up the pleasure.

This was a closed loop that depressed me a lot.


…one day surfing on the internet, I stumbled upon something called an “electronic cigarette”.

I immediately ordered one because if it worked as promised, my problem would be finally solved.

And it worked!

I was usually smoking a pack a day but right after my e-cigarette arrived, I was down to half a pack on my first day.

I just took out my electronic cigarette whenever I felt an urge to smoke and took a few puffs.

No more carvings for the real cigarette.

On my third day I was down to five cigarettes a day and on my 15th day I smoked my last tobacco cigarette.

I just didn’t need them anymore.

Here’s what changed as a result of switching to the e-cigarette:

• More energy and less fatigue at the end of the day.

• I wake up feeling good. My body felt worn down each day when I woke up as a smoker but with vaping (e-cigarettes don’t create smoke but water vapor) I feel much more refreshed and renewed.

• I can breathe deeply again. I walk up the stairs without falling to pieces.

• I don’t smell like an ashtray any more

• I can smoke without leaving my desk at work and couch when watching TV at home

• I can smoke literally anywhere (at home, at work, in all public places)

• I lead a healthier life and no longer have to worry about getting sick because of smoking. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any harmful substances while there are over 4,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

And lastly, since everybody asks me about "cost," I finally sat down and figured it out.

Vaping for ONE YEAR, with full satisfaction, based on the rate I'm vaping . . . costs what smoking for ONE MONTH cost.

And that’s without the tar and carcinogens.

I recommend that you at least give electronic cigarettes a try.

If it doesn’t work out, you can always send it back to the merchant.

If it works for you, then you will instantly improve the quality of your life. But you’ll never know until you try.


Click Here To Try The E-Cigarette That Helped Me!