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Most smokers start smoking at a very young age.  By the time they are old enough to know how bad it is for their health they are already addicted.  The quitting process can be very difficult and frustrating. Great success can be found on an electronic cigarette forum.  It is also called an e-cigarette or smokeless cigarette.  This invention has turned out to be the answer for both totally quitting as well as an alternative in places where smoking is not allowed.  Users feel like they are smoking a real cigarette but are not subjected to the health hazards of the real thing.  It also eliminates the issue of second hand smoke.

The first thing a smoker wants to know on an electronic cigarette forum is how they work.  Since they don't burn tobacco people have a hard time believing that they can satisfy the oral fixation that a smoker desires.  When you inhale a smokeless cigarette it triggers a signal that activates a flow sensor.  This sensor then releases a vapor that contains nicotine, tobacco flavor scent and propylene glycol.  Your lungs will fill up with smoke and you'll exhale just as if you were smoking a real cigarette.  The difference is that the vapor evaporates before it can offend anyone and your body gets its nicotine fix without all the cancer causing toxins.

One thing smokers on the electronic cigarette forum are thrilled with is that these cigarettes are legal in places where smoking is prohibited.  They don't involve tobacco so they can be used in restaurants, bars, shopping malls and even on airplanes.  Imagine being able to satisfy your craving and not feel like you were causing harm with your second hand smoke.  People who had to stop smoking in the car and around their children can now feel good about knowing that they are not harming or offending anyone.  They have refillable cartridges and come in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.

People who share their experiences and advise on the electronic cigarette forum are divided between the benefits as a stop cessation tool and the use of the smokeless cigarette as a smoking alternative.  It appears to be working great in both arenas.  For those that enjoy smoking and get the same satisfaction from the electric version they don't feel compelled to quit because they are not being physically harmed nor affecting anyone around them in a negative way.  It appears the electronic cigarette is a win-win situation for everyone.

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