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Since they were introduced in the United States in 2009, electronic cigarettes have become very popular. There are many different styles and flavors to pick from. Though not labeled as a smoking cessation aid, some smokers have reported success from their efforts to quit smoking by using them instead of traditional cigarettes. To find out more information about which e-cigarettes brands, flavors and styles might work best, read an electronic cigarette review before you buy.

There are literally hundreds of flavors of e-cigarettes. The FDA ban on flavored tobacco products does not extend to the realm of electronic cigarettes. Smokers can buy flavors from chocolate to cherry if they wish. Some flavors are meant to mimic the flavor of real cigarette brands. Though cartridges with flavor are the least expensive part of the e-cigarette, smokers may still want to read electronic cigarette reviews before purchasing several cartridges of a particular flavor. Especially in the case of flavors meant to emulate the smokers favorite brand of tobacco, the true flavor may fall drastically short of expectations. This can foil attempts to quit using real cigarettes when part of the addiction is connected to the flavor of a certain brand.

Speaking of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation aids, the FDA has not approved the marketing of these cigarettes for such purposes. Some individuals have reported success with using the cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking. Since the cigarettes perfectly emulate the experience of smoking right down to the flavor, they can satisfy the psychological cravings that make quitting difficult. Smokers can purchase e-cigarettes with little or no nicotine depending upon where they are in their plan to quit. The only way to find out which products have been successful at helping others quit is to read an electronic cigarette review. Until the FDA approves the marketing of this product for smoking cessation, companies that sell the cigarettes cannot tell smokers about their success or failure as a smoking cessation tool.

An electronic cigarette review can give readers all the information they need to know about the e-cigarettes before they decide to buy. E-cigarettes, their batteries and replacement cartridges can be very expensive. In many cases stores will not allow customers to return the products once they have been purchased. It is important for readers to have all the information the need to make an informed choice before shopping for an e-cigarette.

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