Try Mini Electronic Cigarette – An Incredible Alternative to Smoking


The mini electronic cigarette is a newer version of the popular e-cigarettes that may prove to be even more appealing in the marketplace than its predecessors. To date, it has become the most realistic of the electric cigarettes primarily because of its length. Just like a traditional tobacco cigarette, the length is 100 mm as opposed to 150 mm for other e-cigarettes. It does not contain any of the harmful toxins or carcinogens found in normal cigarettes, so it is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. The device is battery-powered, and it delivers a nicotine vapor to the user. The sensation is similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette, but there is no combustion, smoke or fire associated with its use.

As an alternative to smoking tobacco, a mini electronic cigarette can give you the same smoking experience without the carbon monoxide, tar, ashes, smelly second-hand smoke or dangerous carcinogens. The e-cig produces a vapor – not smoke – that dissipates after a few seconds. No one else is exposed to second hand smoke, because it is not smoke to begin with. When you inhale on the e-cig, a heating element vaporizes the liquid solution in the mouthpiece. This solution may or may not contain nicotine, and it may be flavored like menthol or regular tobacco. In fact, there are hundreds of flavors that include apple, cherry, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate, coffee, strawberry and tutti frutti.

A top of the line mini electronic cigarette contains a microchip with a sensor that triggers an atomizing circuit every time you inhale. The e-cig is only activated if you puff which makes the older on-off switch obsolete. The e-cig is always in stand-by mode. This prolongs the battery life, and also eliminates searching for the on-off switch.

The mini electronic cigarette is built with a durable stainless steel casing and a micro-electronic circuit. The lithium ion battery is re-chargeable, and this type of battery can retain the charge much longer than other rechargeable batteries. Each removable flavor/nicotine cartridge has a new atomizer built in, and the "glowing ember" on the tip is the finishing touch.

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