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Smoke 51 electronic cigarette is a premium US e cigarette that has been on the market for several years.

Smoke Fifty One is running a special $4.95 promo right now for their starter kits so you might want to check them out while it lasts.


I did some research and here's what Smoke51 (Smoke Fifty One) users say:

"If you smoke tobacco cigarettes like I did you worry the many downsides, I needed to find an alternative. Now that I use 51 E-Cigs, I don't have to worry about tar, ash, and the offensive odor."

- Susan L. . Pheonix, AZ

"Cigarettes are expensive; one pack costs more than six dollars. So I see using smoke 51 E Cigarettes as not only a money saving alternative but a way to cut out all the other negative side effects of smoking."

- Eric T. Chicago, IL

Like I said, Smoke 51 is running a special $4.95 promo at the moment for their starter kits so don't wait until it's over…


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Have you ever wondered if puffing vapor sticks can harm other people around?

Is there second and third hand smoke?

Are people around an e cig user smoking passively too?


Innokin Discloses New Scientific Research on Passive Smoking

In order to help smokers get a clearer concept of passive smoking, electronic cigarette manufacturer Innokin spent much time finding related scientific research documents. According to the new study by Siegel and Cohn, there are more than 10,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, including over 40 known carcinogens.

With respect to smokers, there is substantial and compelling scientific research documenting that consuming the ingredients in e-cigarettes (nicotine, propylene glycol, water and flavors) is vastly safer than burning tobacco and inhaling 3000+ toxic by-products. Claiming that e-cigarettes are dangerous for non-smokers is about as credible as claiming that air travel is dangerous for people who never set foot in an airplane.

And here’s what Professor Carl Phillips had to say about the subject in his paper named Nicotine Content in Exhaled Electronic Cigarette Vapor: "Nicotine is thought to be no more dangerous than coffee. While nicotine is addictive, it’s not responsible for 99% of the harm of smoking."

Scientists believe that nicotine carries around the same risk profile as a cup of coffee. But this does not really matter, because non-smokers absorb just as much nicotine from vegetables as they do from second-hand tobacco smoke:

Using limited data on nicotine content of foodstuffs (tea, tomato, potato, green pepper, and eggplant) and the 198991 Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CSDII), the absorbed dose of nicotine is shown to be significant compared to present day environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) nicotine exposures.

Therefore, Innokin encourages all smokers to try e cigarette. For those smokers who haven’t tried ecig yet, there are inexpensive disposable e cigarette brands on the market. Innokin also prepares many new e cigarette brands for new e-smokers, including such popular brands as Innokin LEO Pro, Innokin LEA Kross, Innokin LEA 800 and Innokin 510 T , cartomizer 2 piece electronic cigarette brands such as Innokin Noble, 510 Classic ,808D, and variable voltage e cigarette Innokin Infinity.

Original article can be found here.


I encourage you to stop inhaling thousands of chemicals found in tobacco smoke and give an e cigarette a try – or get one for your loved one!


To your good health,


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