Are You Concerned About E Cigarette Safety?


You may be a smoker who has smoked for so many years that you can recall dozens of stories of those close calls with lit cigarettes. After all, when you light up a traditional cigarette you are dealing with fire, and you are burning paper, tobacco, and a number of other added substances. The fact is that a stray cigarette butt or a minor accident can turn into a major one when you are considering traditional cigarettes.

 Safety is an important concern, but when you are dealing with fire it is an unfortunate fact that safety may not always be at the optimum levels. However, if you consider an electronic cigarette, the safety issue is entirely different. The e cigarette safety concerns are much less worrying than those of the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

One of the impressive advantages of the electronic cigarette (the many devoted electronic cigarette enthusiasts often called the simply "e cigs") is that there is no actual fire involved. In fact, the e cigarette safety level is so high because you are not actually smoking: you are in fact inhaling vapor!

The ember that appears to be burning on the end of the electronic cigarette is in fact powered by a battery. It lends to the illusion that you are smoking a traditional cigarette but it alleviates the many e cigarette safety concerns that some former traditional cigarette smokers may have had.

No need to worry about carrying a lighter with you everywhere, no need to worry about dropping ashes all over the place. The e cigarette safety rate is one of the great reasons to consider an e cig today, but the fact is that there are a number of other reasons in addition to that! You will spend far less money as an e cig smoker than you will as a traditional smoker over the course of your lifetime…

In fact, depending upon how many traditional cigarettes that you smoke each day you may very well find that the e cig has paid for itself within the very first month that you use it! Consider an e cig today: The safe way to light up!

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