Don't Worry About Electronic Cigarette Safety


Electronic cigarette safety is simply a non-issue since it does not use matches and will not catch anything on fire.  You can enjoy your elegant new ciggy with complete peace of mind.  An even greater benefit is that no ashes are produced as in analog cigarette smoking, so clean up is not necessary and definitely not smelly.  In fact your new tool for ingesting nicotine does not utilize fire or "burn" tobacco. It has cartridges that are gently warmed inside the "cigarette" by very low voltage electricity and produces a vapor action which looks just like smoke when exhaled.

Electronic cigarette safety is also important to those who once used unfiltered cigarettes as no tobacco will touch the skin.  No worries about skin cancer here. Once you have decided to quit smoking because you simply MUST, this is the best way to give you the tactile feel of "smoking" without the side effects.  You can cut down on your nicotine gradually and still enjoy the smoking experience.  No messy patches or foul tasting gum to chew.  This is definitely the best method out there and also a great investment as a vapor action tool for additional cartridge products.

Electronic cigarette safety is also very much appreciated by friends, family, co-workers and the general public as no one breathes in your secondhand smoke.  In fact, these new ciggys produce only vapor which dissipates quickly into the air and does not carry carcinogens or actual "smoke" to the surrounding air.

Electronic cigarette safety is a great topic to discuss with your friends who have not yet tried this fun new way to "smoke".  The cartridges also come in non-nicotine products to produce a huge variety of flavors. Cocoa and carmel get your juices flowing?  A cool asthma inhaler anyone?  How about menthol to cool your pipes?  Coffee flavor without the caffeine or pit stops? Yes, the uses are growing daily and you can be the first in your hood to share the myriad benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Rush right out and get vaping today.  It is more than cool to be an "alternative smoker"!

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