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Are you a traditional smoker who is looking for an alternative that will let you smoke in public? Maybe you are a smoker who wants to quit your addiction to nicotine, but still enjoy the experience of smoking. Or maybe you are a smoker who wants nothing more than to reduce the health risks that second hand smoke poses to those around you. If you fit into any of these groups, or are interested in smoking alternatives for reasons all your own, a Smoking Everywhere forum can give you all the information you need about electronic cigarettes.

But what exactly are electronic cigarettes, more commonly known as e-cigarettes? Simply put, they are the most popular alternative to traditional smoking available today, something that Smoking Everywhere forum can back up. Designed to look, feel and taste just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes offer an authentic smoking experience, without the drawbacks that come with traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain cartridges that hold a flavored liquid that when heated, turns into a vaporized smoke that you inhale.

These cartridges, which can either be refilled or replaced, come in a variety of options. Most e-cigarette makers offer cartridges in a few different strengths and flavors, including no-nicotine cartridges. And the price of replacement cartridges is much less expensive than buying a pack of traditional cigarettes. For example, a replacement pack of Gamucci cartridges costs £6.99, and last the equivalent of 100 traditional cigarettes. You would have to buy five packs of traditional cigarettes to equal that. Do the math, and you'll see which option is cheaper.

The best way to choose a brand of e-cigarettes is to visit a Smoking Everywhere forum. There you can learn more about each brand, as well as ask other forum members what their opinions are of certain brands. You can also see what other smoker's experiences have been like with e-cigarettes, and learn about a wide variety of other e-cigarette information and news. And of course, if you decide to try e-cigarettes, or even make a complete switch to e-cigarettes, you can share your own experiences with other forum members. So if you are looking for an alternative to smoking, find a Smoking Everywhere forum today to learn more.

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