Electronic Cigarette Dangers


When one mentions electronic cigarette dangers, a hearty debate will ensue. Some believe this is a great product that can help one to quit their tobacco habit once and for all. Others feel that this product is very unhealthy as it is not promoted as a smoking cessation product and therefore is not evaluated by the FDA. The truth probably exists somewhere between these two extremes.

Back in 2006, when the electronic cigarette was first introduced, it was promoted as a "safe cigarette" or as a "smokeless cigarette". Many decided to try them out and liked the product. Not only does it give the feel, taste and appearance of a tobacco cigarette, but it also satisfies the behavioral habits of the smoker. What makes it different from tobacco cigarettes is the fact that it does not contain tar or many of the other additives found in the tobacco counterparts. This product simulates cigarette smoke and the temperature found with regular cigarettes. This feeds the psychological habit of the smoker and may help him or her to stop relying on tobacco products. This would counteract many of the arguments about the electronic cigarette dangers.

The FDA disagrees with this statement though. They feel that this product is unregulated and therefore the user cannot know exactly how much nicotine is being consumed. Electronic cigarettes are not regulated by any government agency and many are manufactured in other countries. This may be a cause of concern, but one cannot discount the advantages that an e-cigarette provides. Many smokers are not only addicted to nicotine, but they are also addicted to the behaviors associated with smoking. An e-cigarette helps to replace this when no other smoking cessation product can say the same. Again this would help to contradict arguments that arise concerning electronic cigarette dangers.  

One area of concern is the amount of nicotine in the refill cartridges. One study shows that the dosages vary greatly from cartridge to cartridge. In this study, one cartridge had a gram of nicotine. A dosage of this amount could seriously harm or kill a human. Another study suggests that the nicotine found in these products isn't enough to help someone quit. Only you can decide which side of the fence you fall on, but do your research so you know the pros and cons that are being debated.

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