Electronic Cigarette FDA Approval


As of right now, there are no electronic cigarettes on the market that are approved by the FDA. This is the Food and Drug Administration that makes sure all foods and products that consumers ingest will be safe for them to do so. The FDA has notified the electronic cigarette industry of its need to work with them on getting these electronic cigarette fda approvals. The electronic cigarette manufacturers are being very compliant when it comes to this request from the FDA because they know that they will have a bigger business with this approval.

If consumers are capable of getting an electronic cigaretteĀ FDA approved, they will then know that these cigarettes are better for their health than purchasing regular cigarettes. It will make this market go way up. These cigarettes cost more on the initial purchase but will basically save the consumer money as they continue to smoke them. They will not only save them when it comes to money, but they will save them when it comes to their health.

Smoking an electronic cigarette fda approved will only contain nicotine. These cigarettes will not contain all the harmful substances that you will find in normal cigarettes. The best reason why a lot of consumers are switching to these cigarettes is the fact that they can smoke them anywhere. These cigarettes emit water steam instead of smoke. There is no lighting up or no use of any lighter of any kind. They work off of a battery that is installed into the cigarette.

Consumers will not only be able to stop being criticized for their smoking, but they will be patted on the back for trying to make their bad habit healthier for themselves as for their friends and loved ones also. This electronic cigarette is a win, win situation for all, especially when it becomes FDA approved, which is not that far down the road. The FDA needs to make sure that everything about the cigarette will be not only safe to smoke but also safe to use when changing the batteries or the cartridges. The electronic cigarette companies are grateful for the FDA looking for approval for the product.

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