How To Find The Best E Cigarette For You


Are you trying to quit smoking? Smokers trying to quit have a couple of options, other than cold turkey: medications, nicotine patches, or vaping using e cigarettes as personal vaporizers. Some smokers cannot tolerate the side effects of medication like Chantix, and nicotine patches don’t satisfy the hand to mouth urge that many smokers have developed.

 Vaping with e cigarettes does gives you the weight and feel of something in your hand, and e cigarettes even come with menthol, which some smokers crave, as well as a huge variety of flavors.  The problem is that e cigarettes are still so new and not regulated yet, so it’s hard for people wanting to quit smoking to determine which brand makes the best e cigarette.

So, where do you start to find the best e cigarette for you? Many people recommend looking for an online forum for smokers called  Visit the newbie section to get started. E cigarettes come in all varieties of quality, and you can get some great advice here on quality of various models, on tastes of flavors, and whether some of the kits are worth it or not. Check out posts on opinions about atomizers, refill cartridges, batteries, and chargers.

After you find the best e cigarette for you, the next challenge is finding the formula that you like.  Some are refillable and others are disposable, and there are hundreds of flavors and even recipes for making your own. The liquid also comes in varied concentration levels of nicotine. Get started asking other  cigarette users about formulas they like and where they’re getting the best prices.

Ask about the general construction of the unit. Ask about batteries—how long do they hold a charge, and how often can they be recharged?  Find out which atomizers hold up the best and if they have a warranty.

The forum is full of tips and tricks and actual unbiased customer reviews of all the components, including e liquid. Get started on the e-cigarette forum to do your research on the best e cigarette for you and get started with your own quit smoking plan today.

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