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Today's economy is surely going down hill. Most people have found that they need to make cut backs, in order to survive. Some people have cancelled their cable, their home phones and even tried to break unnecessary habits. One habit that millions of people have and it is very expensive and hard to break, is smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes are very expensive and they are just going up. One alternative to regular cigarettes, is the new and improved e-cigarette (you can read more about it from electric cigarette wiki). It gives you the sensation of regular cigarettes but without the cost and all the carcinogens.

Most people admit that it is not the nicotine in cigarettes that they are so addicted to but the habit itself. Holding a cigarette in your hand and smoking it, becomes a serious habit. Some people are very addicted to the nicotine but they also like the sensation of smoking. With electronic cigarette (as its generally called in electric cigarette wiki), you can still have the sensation of smoking but you don't have to go out and buy cigarettes everyday. This type of cigarette does contain filters but it also has a rechargeable battery. It is very easy to use and it is better for you.

Most experts agree that the nicotine, along with all the other chemicals in cigarettes, is hazardous to your health. With the electric cigarette, you can decide if you want nicotine or nicotine free. Many people have said that they really can't tell the difference between the two. The electronic cigarette uses vapor, not smoke and contains absolutely no carcinogens. It is much better for you and you can save all the money that you used to spend on cigarettes every week. It is hard to kick habits but with the right type of technology, it is easy.

Some people have tried to quit smoking for many different reasons. Most people know that it is bad for you but that is not incentive enough. When smoking cigarettes becomes a habit that you just can't afford, then you need to find an acceptable alternative. With the electric cigarette, you can finally quit smoking. The electronic cigarette may seem pricey at first but you will soon see how much money you can save. With the economy in ruins and people all over the US having to cut back, smoking is a habit that most people can't afford not to break.

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