Is E-Cigarette A Scam Or A Real Deal?


An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is allowed to be smoked in places where actual cigarette smoking is banned.  This cigarette is shaped to look like a cigarette, but it is battery operated and contains a vapor of measured amounts of nicotine.  Regardless of what you have smoked for years, this cigarette can now take the place of them.  Some of the e-cigarettes light up at the end and when they emit the vapor, it does look as though you are actually smoking.  For some people this may be just what they need to give up regular cigarettes.  If anything, they may be able to save money by buying the e-cigarette over packs and packs of their usual ones.

There are online companies that have an opportunity for you to become a distributor of their products.  You can join and purchase their electronic cigarettes.  You purchase cartridges and batteries that are not exactly cheap but do cost less than cartons of cigarettes.  The vapor in the cartridges even comes in flavors that is very appealing to a user.  Providing a somewhat safer alternative to regular cigarettes, some people have actually been able to quit smoking.   Many others have found that it has not helped them to quit smoking but they feel much healthier without all the chemical additives that are now put in their old cigarettes.

What the e-cigarette has offered to many people is, in one word, Freedom.  That is exactly what an e-cigarette will give you.  After all your years of smoking regular cigarettes, you are not allowed in a bar, pub, restaurant or hospital with one, but you can go into a bar with your battery operated one. An individual also has the freedom of no lingering smoke on their clothing or of too many poisonous additives going into their bodies.  This little cigarette may be just what is needed by those truly addicted to smoking cigarettes.

Anyone who has smoked knows what a tremendous undertaking it is to try to quit.  Until a person says to themselves enough is enough concerning their smoking, until they themselves become so tired of giving tobacco companies a good part of their paycheck, they will not give up cigarettes.  But, the e-cigarette may be a way to quit without feeling so much agony of losing their old friend, the cigarette.

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