Choose The Right Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit to Get Off On The Right Foot


Many people wish to quit smoking for a number of reasons. Others do not want to quit, but are finding it is harder and harder to light up in public places due to increasing regulations. Either way, smokers are finding that an electronic cigarette starter kit can be of great help. Although not promoted as a smoking cessation device, users may find that their dependence on tobacco cigarettes decreases with the use of this product. Those who have no desire to break their tobacco habit find this to be a pleasant substitution for those areas where smoking is not permitted.

When you go to choose your electronic cigarette, you will want to be sure certain items are included in the kit you decide to buy. At a bare minimum, you should receive one cigarette style device. Some kits do come with more than one device and only you can decide if you would like to have more than one. The e-cigarette should have the look and feel of a tobacco cigarette for your smoking pleasure.

Next you should look to see how many cartridges are included with your electronic cigarette starter kit. Some come with ten cartridges while others come with as few as two or three. Look to see the strength and flavor of each cartridge also so you get a product that you will enjoy using. Strengths can range from 0mg nicotine to 18mg. Flavors include traditional, methanol, apple, vanilla and strawberry. Some choose to purchase a kit with strictly traditional or methanol cartridges while others like to have a wide variety of flavors. Select the cartridges that are right for you.

Ensure that your electronic cigarette starter kit comes with rechargeable lithium batteries as you want to be able to use the device as soon as you remove it from the package. In addition, your kit should come with a lithium battery charger so you don't run out of power just when you need it most. Finally, many kits allow you to choose the color of your device. Popular choices include white, black, burgundy and silver. Choose the perfect one for your personality as you will come to use your e-cigarette regularly. You want to be comfortable with it.

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