Njoy Electronic Cigarette


The Njoy electronic cigarette is a smokeless cigarette which allows you to indulge your habit wherever tobacco cigarettes are banned. This smoking alternative not only looks and feels like your traditional cigarette, but it also tastes like it. You can have the satisfaction and pleasure of smoking without dealing with the social, economic and health problems seen with tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are non-flammable as they use microelectronic technology to give you the sensation of smoking. An Njoy electronic cigarette consists of a number of components. One will receive the actual cigarette, a small battery that may be recharged and a cartridge and membrane that is replaceable. This cartridge and membrane contains propylene glycol, water, nicotine and a scent similar to that of tobacco.

With this device, you inhale just as you would with a tobacco cigarette. By doing so, you will receive both the craving and tactile satisfaction that most smokers look for. The act of inhaling triggers a process in which vapor is released. This vapor resembles smoke and will evaporate in just a few seconds. You get all of the physical and behavioral joys of smoking without the side effects.

Those who choose to use an Njoy electronic cigarette do so for a number of reasons. You may want to smoke, but cannot do so where traditional cigarettes are banned or you are concerned about the effects of first and second hand smoke. No odor is produced with this type of cigarette so you will not be ostracized in certain crowds. In addition, electronic cigarettes cost loss than their tobacco counterparts saving you money in today's depressed economy.

Many flavors and strengths are available to choose from when you purchase an Njoy electronic cigarette. You may opt to go with tobacco, menthol, strawberry, vanilla or apple in strengths ranging from 0mg up to 18 mg. One NPRO or NCIG cartridge is equal to 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes while an NGAR cartridge is the equivalent of two packs of tobacco cigarettes. As this product is battery operated and the battery is rechargeable, you will not notice an increase in the price of your smoking habit. In fact, it will go down. Be sure to try one today as you will be more than pleased.

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