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If you are a smoker and are looking for a high quality electronic cigarette to start using right away keep reading this Njoy electronic cigarette review for information.  This is a company who has a one of a kind patent that provides you with the flavor, satisfaction, and pleasure of smoking with an electronic cigarette.  This is the latest trend for those who want to continue to smoke but without the hazards of tobacco products and who do not want to worry about legal issues. 

Your Njoy electronic cigarette review starts with your smoking kit.  You will receive starter package that includes: a smoking device, four refill cartridges, two rechargeable batteries, and a battery recharger.  The refill cartridges contain one of each flavor so you can try them all including, regular, strawberry,menthol, and apple.  The packet also contains a packet of information explaining the legality of using the electronic cigarette.

In case you are not familiar with how electronic cigarettes work and function you do not need to light your cigarette. You can smoke anytime because it is not barred.  It costs less than cigarettes and comes in many flavors for your smoking pleasure.  You are actually inhaling doses of vapor.  There is no tar, ash, butts, carbon monoxide, or cyanide like regular tobacco.  It is also available with nicotine and without nicotine in the cartridge.  It provides you with the pleasure of smoking and can also satisfy your nicotine cravings if desired.  It also does not stain your teeth and will not damage your skin.

The Njoy electronic cigarette review suggests that among consumers and users this is the best buy in electronic cigarette smoking.  It is easy to re-order supplies and has a warranty that is the best in the business.  Any smoker will be satisfied with the pleasure and smoking experience of this electronic cigarette.  You will find no cancer causing agents with this smoking device and no bad breath or odors.  There is no dangerous second hand smoke when using the electronic cigarette.  Not only will you be protecting the environment you also will be saving significant money.  Join the new generation of electronic cigarette smokers today. 

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