What Are The Mini Electronic Cigarette Benefits?


Many people might say using an electronic cigarette isn't beneficial, but they would be wrong.  There are several reasons it's a good idea to use an electronic cigarette, such as a mini electronic cigarette, rather than traditional cigarettes that have such a poor reputation. 

Without a doubt, the biggest drawback of traditional cigarettes is the harmful tar and toxins they contain.  Electronic cigarettes don't contain carbon monoxide, either.  They give off water vapor rather than smoke, so smokers don't have to worry about polluting the air around them.  As a result, second hand smoke isn't an issue, which will make the people around the smoker happy, since recent studies have shown that exposure to second hand smoke can be just as harmful as smoking.  An additional benefit is the absence of the smoke smell that can permeate hair, clothes and furniture.  Electronic cigarettes give off water vapor, which is odorless.

Since the components of an electronic cigarette are electrical, the smoker doesn't feel compelled to finish it as he would a traditional cigarette.  An added benefit is lower cost.  Electronic cigarettes, such as the mini electronic cigarette, cost less than traditional cigarettes because the various components are reusable.  Because the electronic cigarette isn't a traditional tobacco product, a smoker isn't considered a tobacco user, which leads to lower insurance rates.  The benefits even include better health, as the body gets rid off, or avoids the toxins connected with traditional cigarettes.  Electronic cigarette users report they can breathe better, they feel better, and their skin looks better.

An electronic cigarette doesn't give off the harmful toxins and second hand smoke that a traditional cigarette does, so it can be used in places that have banned tobacco products.  It's even acceptable to use an electronic cigarette or a mini electronic cigarette in the home of a non-smoker.  The electronic cigarette is safer than a traditional cigarette because it's non-flammable.  And using a mini electronic cigarette can help a smoker feel better about himself because he knows he has kicked, or never even started, the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes allow a smoker to experience the physical and psychological enjoyment of smoking without damaging his health or those of the people around him.

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