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February 12, 2013

Kenneth Rogus @ 7:02 pm #

Hello Jenny Jenkin,
How are you? I am okay! My name Is Kenny nice to meet you. I am 53 years old now! I am alone to live in Manteno, Illinois for 6 years, I don't like my home awful and tent like mobile home.
Story: I was smoking a cigarettes since 1977+1978 to 2009 in 31 years of October 14, quit smoking a cigarettes! Because I was hurt between 2 Lungs as asthema as you know how to get cigarettes again! What do I do happen? I will get asthema and hurt alot long time? How to asthema after get cigarettes and smoke again? After I was smoking a cigarettes, hurt my between 2 Lungs and all too! I went to doctor check my lungs bad and get new inhaler for asthma for a year and one more then stop and I feel better then no smoking in 3 years! But I need new E-Cigarettes will be mail one time and free trail for this address delivery?
I try to get free Electric cigarettes will be mail to:
Kenneth Rogus
101 Maple Lane
Manteno, Illinois 60950-1332
I will pay back to Payment Service for charger and keep sold??
Thank you,
Kenneth Rogus

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